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Shenzhen Laodong, free citizen, Dongyang Xiayu, Fuyan, Baifo, auspicious, just, old and old in the north (in no particular order)...
PLATALEA MINOR Also known as Spoonbill, Spoonbill. Because its flat, spoon-shaped long mouth is very similar to the cymbal in Chinese instruments, it is named. The number is rare, listed in the red list of UN endangered species, China's second-level protected animal list.
The black-faced spoonbill is gentle and strong. Every year in the autumn, it flies thousands of miles from the north to the coastal areas of southern China for winter. In the spring of next year, it flies back to the northern habitat to breed offspring.
Black-faced Spoonbill has both strong individual viability and strong team awareness, group encirclement and migration.
The black-faced spoonbill is emotionally focused and love-only. Once the male and female form a spouse, they will live forever.
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