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K80-1 series head tripod includes k80-1-8 and k80-1-5, that one currently sold is k80-1-8.

Applicable model reference:


Equilibruim weight




(for sale now)

Available: 4-12KG

Best: 5-8KG

Camera: D5   D850    1DX II   5D IV


Lens: 856   640  428

The best equilibruim: stop at any time


(coming soon)

Available: 2-8KG

Best: 3-5KG



Camera :D5  D850  D500 1DXII  5D Mark IV  A9


Lens:Cannon/Nikon540  328   

           Sigma Tenglong150-600

           Sony640 428 etc.


The best equilibruim: stop at any time

If you buy one can get one K80 bag of value RMB680 for free, single & double back bell at your will to switch, click to view K80 bag.

Addition get free: standard quick loading board, snow nails.

Quick Release Plate: 

length 105mm, dovetail slot width 39mm; 

With a 3/8 'screw and a 1/4' screw; 

6 series aluminum alloy material.

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