Birth of HEIPI new concept photographing products

HEIPI new concept photographing products was designed and created by James Ban, a photography enthusiast and senior metallurgical engineer.

James likes painting since childhood, and fell in love with photography in the 1980s. These hobbies help develop his unique sense of line, light and color.

His experience with ecological photography in recent years led him to develop a new concept of photographic equipment that would make it easier for photographers to take field photographs. 'Enjoy happy photography!' is both the original intention of the development and purpose of HEIPI.


Thought on photographing

Design inspiration with tradition and modernity

Endless relaxing and pleasure

Make complicated things easy

The Three begets all things of the world 

Inspired by Chinese “Taoism”

Focused on spherical head

Break-through the traditional frame

Ingenious structure design

Creation on new concept photography

Advanced system design thought and simulation means

Efficient realization of design functions

Advanced material & craft, modern quality management, new quality level

Aviation grade aluminum, magnesium alloy

High quality polymer materials, surface treatment process

Follow TS16949, the essence of quality control system standard for auto parts

Ensure the design functions are fully and stably implemented

Only two months taken from first drawing to first sample

Ten months taken from internal trial to finished 8.0th edition product

Foundation Team
James Ban-Founder/Product Designer Qinghao Mao--Director of Product Optimization Manufacturing Longxin Mao--Product Structure Implementation Designer Guiyan Wu--Director of Product Operation Design
Shenzhen Laodong, free citizen, Dongyang Xiayu, Fuyan, Baifo, auspicious, just, old and old in the north (in no particular order)...
PLATALEA MINOR Also known as Spoonbill, Spoonbill. Because its flat, spoon-shaped long mouth is very similar to the cymbal in Chinese instruments, it is named. The number is rare, listed in the red list of UN endangered species, China's second-level protected animal list.
The black-faced spoonbill is gentle and strong. Every year in the autumn, it flies thousands of miles from the north to the coastal areas of southern China for winter. In the spring of next year, it flies back to the northern habitat to breed offspring.
Black-faced Spoonbill has both strong individual viability and strong team awareness, group encirclement and migration.
The black-faced spoonbill is emotionally focused and love-only. Once the male and female form a spouse, they will live forever.
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  • 黑脸琵鹭2
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