Qinghai-Tibet plateau

Device: KF602 ball head, K2-60, DP60

Qinghai-Tibet plateau is a vast and high elevated plateau in central Asia covering 1,000 kilometers north to south and 2,500 kilometers east to west. Qinghai-Tibet plateau holds centuries of Tibetan nomads, monasteries, vast empty grasslands and source to the three of Asia's largest rivers: the Yellow River, the Yangtze River and the Mekong River. Hailed as the 'roof of the world,' the 'third pole' and the 'water tower of Asia,' the Plateau is a natural habitat for rare animals and a gene pool of plateau life.

This video was shot by Zhuxing Chao, a wildlife photographer and HEIPI Guset Photographer, when he was testing the new Nikon Z9 camera in Qinghai province. We are very pleased that he chose HEIPI K2-60 tripod, KF602 ball head and DP60 tripod to support the camera for the whole process. He was impressed with the compactness and professional performance of Heipi products.


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