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On 22 May 2022, the International Day for Biodiversity, 2022 China Wildlife Image and Video Competition is officially launched!Founded in 2020,  the competition comprises two major units, photography unit and video unit. In the continuation of the theme of 'Wonder of Life'  and the classic format of the group, this year's annual competition in the photography unit sets up a new category, 'Endemic species in China', hoping that the mysterious Chinese endemic species and China's biodiversity conservation could receive more attention through the recording and dissemination of photographers.The 2022 China Wildlife Image and Video Competition is hosted by China National Geographic, organized by China National Geographic BOOK and China National Ge...
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Produced by CCTV, the five-episode large-scale documentary 'Above the Great River', which reflects the harmonious coexistence of man and nature in the Sanjiangyuan area, has been broadcast on multiple CCTV channels since March 25. The documentary 'Above the Great River' focuses on the Sanjiangyuan area, which has the dual significance of ecology and civilization for the Chinese nation. It shows the audience the story of people living in Sanjiangyuan area how to coexist with nature. The production of the documentary lasted for five years. It is an excellent work that reflects the harmonious coexistence of mankind and nature and the common value pursuit of all mankind.The second episode of 'Above the Great River' tells a touching story between people and Przewals...
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Today, we are honored to annouce Mr. Jeffrey Wu as HEIPI's International Brand Ambassador. Mr. Jeffrey Wu is a professional wildlife and landscape photographer. His passion and dedication to photography coincides with HEIPI's core values. We look forward to in-depth cooperation with him to jointly start HEIPI's global journey.Jeffrey WuProfessional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) Certified Professional Wildlife and Landscape Photographer, Curator and ProducerKenyan resident photographer for Gamewatchers Safaris, Letorre Lodge, Lorian CampOfficial partner of Kenya Tourism Board2018-2019 Nikon World Photography Awards JudgesThe first Chinese judge in the history of the 'World's Best Nature Photography' competitionCanadian Photographic Art Association Nat...
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On November 9, a black-faced spoonbill caring proecttion activity which was sponsored by the Futian mangrove national nature protection administration and co-organized by SPOONBILL new concept photographing, was held in the meeting room of adminstation building.In this activity, the management sponsor made a simple introduction to everyone, and then Mr.Zhihua Chen made an introduction to the black-faced spoonbill, so that everyone has a further understanding of black-faced spoonbill.Finally, Mr. Ban of SPOONBILL new concept photographing shared and showed the photography works of many teachers.And after that, everyone step in the protection zone for trial shooting of black-faced spoonbill.It was a fruitful event, and everyone hopes that the development of the city should leave a pure land ...
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