Spoonbill's first show

date: 2019-07-27
Number of visits: 101

On July 27, 2019, Mr. James Ban, chairman of new concept photographing, participated in the photography activity of nikon carnival 2019 of ZEYIDA company.

On the carnival, James showed the multifunctional storage of pack&go of Spoonbill to the audience, which got the audience's continuous applause.

In this activity, the new concept of spoonbill photographing formally granted ZEYIDA company in shenzhen  area for spoonbill product sales agency.

黑琵亮相 不同凡响

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2019 - 11 - 15
On November 9, a black-faced spoonbill caring proecttion activity which was sponsored by the Futian mangrove national nature protection administration and co-organized by SPOONBILL new concept photographing, was held in the meeting room of adminstation building.In this activity, the management sponsor made a simple introduction to everyone, and then Mr.Zhihua Chen made an introduction to the black-faced spoonbill, so that everyone has a further understanding of black-faced spoonbill.Finally, Mr. Ban of SPOONBILL new concept photographing shared and showed the photography works of many teachers.And after that, everyone step in the protection zone for trial shooting of black-faced spoonbill.It was a fruitful event, and everyone hopes that the development of the city should leave a pure land ...
2019 - 09 - 29
In the morning of September 29, SONY distributor ZEYIDA co., ltd. and SPOONBILL photographing jointly organized an offline photo exchange and experience activity by the lake of swan lake, nanshan district, shenzhen.In the activity, SPOONBILL photographing head tripod k80-1 and SONY's latest lens products are combined for all photographers for a free trial.The on-site activity was very lively. The photographers were very enthusiastic in studying the products, and they also took various pictures of egrets fishing on the swan lake.
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